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Claims of the Golden State Warriors’ demise are premature

The Golden State Warriors let Game 2 of their NBA Playoff First Round game against the Los Angeles Clippers slip through their hands. Leading 73-50 at halftime, the Warriors managed to lose to the Clippers 135-131 in what is being called the greatest come from behind win in NBA Playoff history. The hyperbole shouldn’t be lost on NBA fans.

The result will not matter in two weeks when the Warriors polish off the Clippers. That is, if the series happens to go that far. Los Angeles played well, let us not take that away from them, as Lou Williams and Danilo Gallinari combined for 60 points. Actually, the Clippers played well in the second half having failed to show up until after intermission.

Los Angeles held Golden State stars Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry to 40 points combined. But let us not forget the atrocious first half the Clippers produced in which they gave up 73 points.

Golden State put 121 points on the Clippers in Game 1 while allowing just 104. Williams and Gallinari combined for 40 points on that occasion. So, whether than looking at Golden State as a team now in decline after one Clippers’ comeback, let us just call it the anomaly that it was.

The Warriors are still the class of the Western Conference. Issues have arisen this season making many people question their strength and ability to repeat as NBA Champions. But nothing so far should make anyone truly believe another Western Conference team will knock the Warriors of their pedestal.

Golden State Warriors will get past the LA Clippers and here is why…

The NBA Playoffs are set up to favour the better team. Years ago, when the first round was just a five-game series, the underdog really had a shot at winning and progressing to the second stage.

However, when the NBA realised it would be advantageous for the top seeds to progress through the postseason for ratings purposes, the Association changed the structure of the first round. Now, the first round is a seven-game series giving the better team the ability to overcome their mistakes.

Who can stop the Golden State Warriors then?

Right now, only the Golden State Warriors can stop themselves. Durant, Curry, and Klay Thompson are better than the Clippers’ best three on any given day. Although Thompson’s 12 points in Game 1 and 17 in Game 2 makes you really wonder if he is worth a max contract.

The Warriors have lost centre DeMarcus Cousins for the rest of the playoffs, but they are equipped to handle the Western Conference despite the big man going down. Cousins suffered a right quad injury which will keep him out of the rest of the playoffs.

The Clippers’ win will be forgot about by the time the second-round tips off. Despite their miraculous comeback, one underdog win means little in a seven-game playoff series.

Golden State have a few days to recover from their loss. The Warriors and Clippers will resume the first-round series on Thursday in Los Angeles.

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