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NBA Playoffs: 5 moments you forget happened during the Association’s postseason

The marathon NBA Playoffs are over a month old and still have a way to go. The Golden State Warriors have already punched their ticket to a fifth consecutive NBA Finals. They will be joined by either the Milwaukee Bucks or the Toronto Raptors from the Eastern Conference.

With over a month of the NBA Playoffs now played, it is easy to forget exactly what occurred. The whirlwind playoffs have left use with plenty of moments but unfortunately, many are forgotten due to the format of the postseason and a lack of drama.

Here is a look back at 5 moments you forget happened during the Association’s postseason

  1. Damian Lillard’s three-pointer

Damian Lillard drilled a dramatic three-pointer in Game 5 of the Portland Trail Blazers first round series against Oklahoma City Thunder to send them into the second round. Lillard scored an incredible 50 points on the night with his 37-foot three-pointer capping it off.

Unfortunately, at the time, I wrote the three-pointer would be ultimately meaningless if the Portland Trail Blazers failed to win the NBA Finals. Turns out despite it being great to watch as a highlight, the shot meant little in Trail Blazers’ season. The season still ended without the NBA title.

  1. LA Clippers produce biggest NBA Playoff comeback

The Golden State Warriors advanced to their fifth straight NBA Finals appearance after beating Portland in the Western Conference Finals. Back in the first round, there were some claiming the Warriors’ time as the NBA’s best was over.

Golden State slipped up in Game 2 of their first round series with the Los Angeles Clippers allowing LA’s No. 2 team to make the biggest NBA Playoff comeback in league history. The Clippers came back from 31 points down in the second half of Game 2. But the comeback will just be a footnote in the NBA’s history as Golden State polished off LA in six games.

  1. The Orlando Magic and Detroit Pistons made NBA Playoff cameos

If you happened to blink during the first round of the NBA Playoffs, then you may have missed the Orlando Magic and Detroit Pistons. The two Eastern Conference teams made brief postseason cameos this year.

The Magic finished just two games over .500 in the regular season while Detroit was exactly .500. Orlando was able to pick up a win and push the Raptors to five games. Detroit wasn’t so lucky as the No. 1 seed Bucks punished the team with a quick four-game sweep.

  1. Brothers at heart

The Western Conference Finals saw brothers Steph and Seth Curry battle each other on opposite sides. Golden State’s Steph is arguably the best player in the NBA while Seth is a solid NBA player with the Trail Blazers.

The two brothers exchanged jersey’s following the Warriors’ four-game sweep of Portland. The image of the duo trading shirts is bound to be used in NBA PR for years to come. I love this game!

  1. A lack of drama

It isn’t exactly a moment, but really, a lack of moments that are hurting the NBA Playoffs. Look back at No. 1 and 2 on this list and you will see a league in dire need of drama, action, and appeal in the postseason.

There has been little to no interesting or dramatic moments to make the NBA Playoffs must-see. The Warriors have waded throw the blah of the Western Conference to reach a fifth final in five years.

Sure, the Raptors and Bucks could still put on a show in the Eastern Conference Finals, but there should be more at stake to excite NBA fans. The playoffs are over a month old and still a long way to go. The postseason is too long and seven-game series favor stronger teams. There is little chance a shock will occur.

The lack of memorable moments is hurting the NBA and the playoffs need to be fixed. That is surprisingly one of the most memorable moments of the Association’s postseason.

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