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Invictus v Topsports

The opening day of one of the best LoL leagues in the world cannot be better than a duel between Invictus Gaming Vs Topsports Gaming, which we are sure will make us jump out of our chairs with all the emotions that we will be given in each of his plays.

Invictus Gaming (CHN)

The current world champion of the 2018 World Championship League of Legends opens this new season of LPL 2019, with a view to overcoming his performance with respect to what happened in 2018. Invictus Gaming started the spring division in an exciting match against his future kraken Royal Never Give Up losing with a partial of 1-2, after this painful defeat beginning the season, they won 18 matches in a row to finish with an 18-1 record. After being great favorites, the player TheShy had an injury so they had to play with the backup Duke, which generated a defeat in the semifinals against Royal Never Give Up with a partial of 2-3. In the summer division, surprisingly they obtained an identical record of 18-1 losing against the same rival. They met JD Gaming in the semifinals, defeating them 2-3 and, for the first time in the history of the Invictus Gaming team, they obtained a place in the LPL finals and a place in the 2018 World Championship with at least one second place obtained, which ended up having to lose the final again with his nemesis Royal Never Give Up with a partial of 2-3.

Invictus Gaming Form

23.12.2018 Demacia Cup Winter 2018 WIN 3 – 1 Topsports (BO5)
22.12.2018 Demacia Cup Winter 2018 WIN 2 – 1 Suning Gaming (BO3)
22.12.2018 Demacia Cup Winter 2018 LOSS 0 – 2 Topsports Gaming (BO3)
21.12.2018 Demacia Cup Winter 2018 WIN 2 – 1 Rogue Warriors (BO3)
20.12.2018 Demacia Cup Winter 2018 WIN 1 – 0 Suning Gaming (BO1)

Topsports Gaming (CHN)

The Topsports Gaming come from a year 2018 of renewals, with the inclusion of several world-class players such as the Koreans LoKeN and Ben. It was not a very participative year in terms of international tournaments of the team, this mainly due to the constant changes that were generated in the rosters throughout the season. That said, his participation in the LPL spring season specifically in the Eastern Conference group was the trigger for the radical changes that came later, since, they finished in the last place of the conference with a record of 3 victories and 16 defeats. After these changes, we noticed an extreme improvement that we observed directly in the summer division, in this case in the Western Conference, obtaining a third place in the standings with a record of 10 wins and 9 losses.

Topsports Gaming Form

23.12.2018 Demacia Cup Winter 2018 LOSS 1 – 3 Invictus Gaming (BO5)
22.12.2018 Demacia Cup Winter 2018 WIN 2 – 0 Invictus (BO3)
21.12.2018 Demacia Cup Winter 2018 WIN 2 – 0 Royal Never Give Up (BO3)
20.12.2018 Demacia Cup Winter 2018 WIN 1 – 0 JD Gaming (BO1)
18.11.2018 NEST 2018 – Finals WIN 3 – 1 JD Gaming (BO3)

The Money Line

Here are how the odds to win the match look from the bookies ahead of the game.

Invictus Gaming to win @ 1.45 (9/20) with William Hill.
Topsports Gaming to win @ 2.55 (31/20) with William Hill.

Odds taken at 18:00 GMT 11/01/2019

Our Verdict and Best Bets

Despite seeing an almost absolute dominance by IG last year, we see that after the restructuring of the Topsports Gaming team the games were closer and more fought. They are two teams that know each other perfectly, they come from playing among them in the different local leagues. We will be in the presence of a very interesting duel, which can be called as a rematch, this because both played the final of the Winter Cup Demacia 2018 in which the IG team was victorious with a result of 3 – 1, with an exemplary performance of “jackeylove” ADCarry of IG, finishing one of the maps of the series with a 22-4-8, as well as “Duke” TOPlaner of the team maintained an exceptional level from the third map, not to be overlooked to the Topsports player “Knight”, who despite going down in the score, was firm in his MID position to try to counteract or diminish the opponent’s damage. But the letter of favorite, world champion and TOP 1 in the world ranking makes us place the winner card to the Invictus Gaming team.

Invictus to win @ 1.45 (9/20) with William Hill.

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