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Super Bowl LIII Prop Bets Bonanza

For millions, the Super Bowl is more about the betting than it is about the game. Over 20 million adults will bet on the big game this year. Last year, the only legal state to allow sports betting, Nevada, took in a record 158.58 million in Super Bowl bets. While it sounds like a lot, it dwarfs the actual amount betted across the board considering that only 5% of bets are made legally in the U.S. Earlier this year, the Supreme Court overturned the law that only allowed betting in one state, thus expect the volume of legal bets to skyrocket with eight states in on the action.

The point is, the Super Bowl is a bettors extraordinaire. And not just the game. Prop bets have taken a life of its own and increased in popularity over the years. Whether pregame or halftime entertainment, obscure actions, or the game itself, anything and everything will be betted on. Sportsbook William Hill alone has almost one thousand different betting options for the Super Bowl. One thousand! So if you are interested in throwing down beyond the x’s and o’s, here are some ways you can lose (or win) your shorts on Super Bowl Sunday.

Even before the game starts, there’s plenty of action to be taken. One of the most popular prop bets is the over/under on the length of the national anthem. This year its Gladys Knight doing the honors. If this is a bet you fancy, head on over to YouTube and study up past performance videos to try to pick up some semblance of singing speed. If the national anthem is really really your thing, you can bet on whether Gladys will or will not omit a word in the anthem, take a knee, or what kind of microphone she will use. The fashionista bettors can drop a dime on what she will wear, a dress, skirt, pants, or shorts. Then there’s the who will be shown on TV first during anthem bet, coach Belichek or McVay? Or will Rob Gronkowski put his hand on heart during the song?

The opening coin toss is another prop favorite. Last year it turned up heads, the previous four, tails. One prop that’s paid out in five of the last six bowls is shortest touchdown prop, under 1.5 yards. It should’ve been a perfect six for six if the Seahawks decided not to get cute by handing it off to Marshawn Lynch instead of passing the ball from the one-yard line. There’s a decent chance someone will score from the one-yard line considering the frequency of penalties called that put the ball there.

Halftime is another biggie for prop bets. Action can be taken on things like Maroon 5’s first song, will Adam Levine wear a leather jacket, or if he’ll wear a hat to open his set? Will Andre 3000 join Big Boi on stage? It does makes sense given the Atlanta roots. Vegas also tends to thinks so given the line.

Or how about who the game MVP will mention first in his postgame interview? Or the over/under on how many times Giselle Bundgen will be shown on the live broadcast, currently at 1.5. Finally, and one of my favorites, what will be the color of the winning coaches Gatorade shower?

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