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1×2 Betting

1×2 Betting in simple form is to bet on a sporting match, and for the winner of a particular outcome. Historically these bets could only be placed before the vent had started – yet with the recent addition of In-Play betting, it is now possible to bet during the game / event. Effectively you are saying that you have no doubt in your mind that the competition can beat your selection, so you are backing them to win outright in that particular game.

In football (soccer), match outright betting is often referred to as “1×2″. Here you will generally choose between three ‘outright’ outcomes to bet on. The home team to win, the game to be a draw, or the away team to win. These selections will often have predictable odds before the event / game begins if you are overly familiar as a fan. However it is often worthwhile to wait until the event begins to gain a more competitive edge In-Play.


Arsenal are set to host Spurs at home, the odds are set out below. You place your bet on Arsenal to win before the game starts and they go on to win the match 5-2. The highlighted selection indicates your winnings from that particular bet type.


Selection Odds Bet Amount (Stake) Potential Win (Including Stake)
Arsenal 1.55 £25 £38.75
Draw 2.85 £25 £71.25
Tottenham 3.10 £25 £77.50

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