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Live Betting

Here’s the scenario; you place a bet on United to win the game. Two minutes in and a goal down, a man is sent off… Ouch!

The likelihood is that they will not now be the once favoured odds you received before the match started.

Live Betting is… well just that! You have the flexibility to bet whilst the game/event is actually being played. So instead of making sure you place the bet before the game, you can actually place your bet within the timeframe of the game.

There are huge advantages to betting in this way due to how unpredictable games can generally be. This is generally the only way you will ever be able to get odds of over 10.00 for Man United to win at Old Trafford. These high odds generally occur when a team is losing and the game is nearing an end. An example being that United are 3-1 down to Bolton at Old Trafford in the 83rd minute. At this time the odds for United would be high given the unlikely chance of a comeback; well to the naked eye anyway. Yet we all know about ‘Fergie time’, so it could well be you’d like to take these odds. This could only happen whist betting In-Play.

There are many different ways operators refer to this betting practice. In-Play, In-Running, Live Betting. All ultimately mean the same thing.

If you haven’t already had an In-Play bet, give it a try this weekend instead of betting before the game. You can even tie most In-Play bets in as Multiple Betting, whereby you bet on Arsenal to win the match from the 56th minute, along with Juventus to win their match, and Wigan Athletic to win theirs. In-Play bets can really jump up the value of multiple bets.

Overall, an In-Play bet is a great bet for the knowledagble sports enthusiast. Man Utd and Man City fans will be fed up of the short odds they get for their teams to win at home. The kind of odds where you have to put £10 on to get just £1 back. Yet by placing an In-Play bet, if Man Utd go 1-0 down in the first ten minutes at home, the chances are they will still pull it back, and the odds that were once 1.35 to win before the game, could now be priced In-Play at 1.75, giving you more value for your money!

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